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Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Tips For Growing Sales and Profits in 2012

Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could defy the doom of the forecasts

and be really successful in 2012 with positive growth and profit? The
odds could well be in your favor if you follow our 'Top 5 Tips for
Retail Success in 2012'.

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1. Commit to software - Look to deploy software that ties your back
end business processes together with your sales channels. In doing so
your whole business is in sync leading to less mistakes and better
tracking, meaning you never miss a sale or sell something you can't

2. Seek expert advice - Partner with experts to provide guidance on
best practice business processes. Through their insight and fine
tuning of your procedures, you can save money and sell more of your
most profitable products.

3. Expand where you sell - Expand into new sales channels to reach
new customers. Over half of online retail traffic goes to eBay,
Amazon and Alibaba Ð you can no longer afford not to sell via these
marketplaces as they are such a huge opportunity.

4. Learn from others - Take every opportunity you can to share and
collaborate with other retailers and wholesalers on what works and
what doesn't in order to further your own business prospects.

5. Buy Brightpearl - Brightpearl ties your whole business together,
automating your back end processes and improving efficiency.
Brightpearl makes expansion easy by helping you to be everywhere you
want to be, across online ecommerce and in-store POS.

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