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Monday, January 16, 2012

Australian Tech Company Launches Person-to-person e-Commerce Solution

Australian Tech Company Open4Sale announces disruptive technology at the Cappello Capital Corp. Inaugural Venture Capital Conference in Los Angeles.

Quote startOpen4Sale has created a revolutionary online shopping experience which connects consumers and retailers in real-time.Quote end

January 16, 2012 a rapidly emerging e-commerce startup company announced a retail person-to-person online video shopping technology yesterday at the Cappello Capital Corp. Investor Conference held in Los Angeles.

Simon La Barrie, Open4Sale Founder and CEO, “Open4Sale has created a revolutionary online shopping experience which connects consumers and retailers in real-time.”

Open4Sale has spent over three years developing a proprietary person-to-person online video platform which enables a personal relationship and new level of customer service in the online shopping experience. Open4Sale has utilized a multi-national team to develop operations, software and ensure first mover advantage.

Open4Sale’s software allows retail partners to improve upon their existing sales platform by adding personalized one-to-one service.

La Barrie has been quietly working with a team of more than 50 personnel to develop the technology over the last three years with more than 5 million dollars of invested capital. "We've been waiting for this day a long time to share the Open4Sale announcement. We’ve created an E-commerce platform
which brings together consumers and retailers in live, person-to-person online video.

One of the highlights of the presentation was the video demonstration which showcased the features offered to the retailers and consumers.

La Barrie was excited about the amount of attention his presentation attracted, the room was crowded with investors; many standing in the aisles and outside the door. "We received a tremendous amount of investor interest today and we’ve over booked our meetings for the next three days. The timing couldn't be better. The market is clearly ready for change and eager to adopt new technology," says La Barrie. This is a remarkable time of growth and opportunity for Open4Sale.”

Todd Dean Open4Sale president said, "I've had the opportunity to look at thousands of startup companies and have been directly involved with funding more than 104 and this (one) really stands out as a game-changer.”

Dean understands that traditional methods of shopping are changing as consumers increasingly adopt online shopping behavior. “A survey conducted by Forrester Research Inc., estimated that online shopping would increase by 15% during the past holiday season and it did. This new online shopping platform will create a paradigm shift in consumer shopping which will help retailers and mom-and-pop stores who are struggling with eroding margins and sustaining market share.”

Barry Gilbert former CEO of Smith and Hawken, Principal of said, "Today’s environment is different. Retailers must change to changing consumer behavior and technology has changed everything. The old paradigm is just out of fashion.

The one-day inaugural investor conference is part of the G' Day Australia - USA Week activities promoting business relations and economic development between the two countries. US based International investment banking firm, Cappello Capital Corp. brought together more than 300 attendees from financial institutions, VCs and angel investors to review the selected Australian companies present their new technologies and business opportunities in an intimate environment. The conference featured more than 50 selected Australian companies specializing in the areas of; mining, bio technology, agribusiness, digital media, telecommunications and clean technology.

The conference keynote speaker was Australian Deputy Premier of New South Wales, The Honorable Andrew Stoner MP. He gave a state of affairs address and discussed the current economic status and current projected growth of Australian Open4Salebased companies.

Open4Sale is headquartered in Australia with main operating offices in the U.S., and support offices in Asia and Europe.

To learn more about Open4Sale and investment opportunities please contact, Nancy Treder at nancy(at)nancytreder(dot)com.