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Friday, January 13, 2012

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The ebook is a complete guide for marketers who want to sell and market via

Digital Marketer
Quote startPartnering With Amazon reveals to marketers the extreme benefits of using the webspace to setup and promote products.Quote end

Austin, TX January 13, 2012

Digital Marketer has released a new ebook calledPartnering With Amazon. Written by top marketing experts Ryan Deiss and other Digital Marketer associates, it is intended for marketers and gives a complete introduction and detailed signup steps to get many types of products onto, including physical products, self-published books through Create Space, CDs and DVDs, and anything else that is sold on Amazon.

Partnering With Amazon reveals to marketers the extreme benefits of using the webspace to setup and promote products. The ebook points out that the process is easy and shows you exactly how to do seven different types of online stores that can be setup on

One big advantage of is the pricing. Digital Marketer points out that "Whether you are selling or reselling new, used or overstock items, Amazon makes it very easy for you to upload them into their ecosystem. This is by far the simplest way to get in front of millions of customers. It costs nothing to display your products online. What’s more, Amazon collects a nominal 99 cents for any item sold."

Another huge benefit of is the amount of buyer traffic that is visiting the website every day, Digital Marketer says. "Amazon is getting anywhere from 50 million to 100 million eyes on its site every month. The average Amazon user is female over 35 without children and making over 60 thousand USD per year, tradi­tionally one of the higher spend demographics. 61.1% of users live in the U.S.’s average user visit is eight-and-a-half minutes. Amazon Prime’s large customer base consists entirely of users who have already processed a payment method and are ready to act on an impulse to buy."

Anyone trying to sell physical or digital products online will quickly learn that setting up a website can be a lot of work. Digital Marketer points out in this ebook that gives you a website for free and almost anything you need to be successful with your online sales.
"Customers pay by credit card; Amazon handles the transactions and direct-deposits the net proceeds of sales into your bank account every two weeks. Amazon also assigns shipping credits so you don’t have to worry about shipping charges. In fact, you can even outsource all shipping to Amazon by shipping your products to one of their distribu­tion centers."

For more information you can download the Partnering With Amazon ebook, published by Digital Marketer. To join Digital Marketer and have access to expert data and training from the leading experts in marketing in the world, visit the Digital Marketer website, designed for marketers who want top information that will help them succeed.

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