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Friday, January 20, 2012

Google AdWords Expands Automated Rules

..Includes Undo Option! Automated Rules is a time saving feature that allows auto-scheduling of changes to your account, based on user-defined criteria. Based on feedbacks from previous users, Google Adwords, through their official blog, announced that they have made automated rules even more user-friendly and flexible.

To support their cause Google has rung two major improvements, these being:

Increasing the rule limit to 100

Google AdWords Expands Automated Rules, Includes Undo Option

Previously, users were only allowed to set a maximum of 10 automated rules. Now Google, have increased this limit to 100 to ensure that the user is given enough freedom when it comes to trying out new rules.

Undo changes made by automated rules

Google AdWords Expands Automated Rules, Includes Undo Option

Due to flexibility provided, it will be very exciting for users to try out new rules and see how they it works for them. For situations like creation of wrong automated rules or rules not reflecting the change you seek, AdWords have now added an option to undo the change by providing Undo button.

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