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Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 New Video Marketing Content Tips Announced by Ydraw

video marketing

video marketing

Quote startMake sure to have two or three key points in a video, ones that are most important to the company above all else, and keep it simple.Quote end

Curious about video marketing? About creating a company video but do not know what to include in the content? These helpful tips from Ydraw are great to consider when creating content for a video.

Saint George, UT February 23, 2012

Creating Successful Content:

Inform a Customer: Demonstrate products and services that are provided. Explain and informed customers are much more likely to invest in a product when they completely understand it.

Testimonial Friendly: Always use testimonials from clients and fans, rating the company for experience, telling how the company has helped them and changed their lives, and comparing other companies.

Introduce Staff: This can create a great bond with customers, especially if they are cartoon based, like the animations in video scribing, where everything is introduced in a fun environment, making a company seem warm and inviting with personality and a sense of humor.

Call to Action: Add a process for customers to get to know how to connect with a company for more information, and what the next step would be for them to interact.

Relax: Make the video script relaxing, do not make it too complicated, and try to keep it brief. Make sure to have two or three key points in a video, ones that are most important to the company above all else, and keep it simple.
Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with the online population, and will continue to do so for many years. Creating a successful video marketing strategy is crucial for any small business eager to succeed.

Ydraw specializes in making amazing Whiteboard Animation Videos, where artists explain topics by going through the process of sketching art right before the viewer’s eyes. Ydraw artists take time to create information on a virtual whiteboard and draw pictures to help the viewer remember exactly what they are learning. In a matter of seconds, Ydraw takes their artist’s long and detailed process and speeds it up so viewers can watch it come to life right before their eyes.