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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blazonco Launches Social Profile Plugin

Users can create customized profiles and connect with friends on business websites.

San Clemente, CA February 29, 2012

Web design and online marketing agency Blazonco today announced the release of a new social profile plugin that allows any website under Blazonco's platform to create a customized social network.

No longer needing to rely on outside social networks, Blazonco's social profile plugin allows any business owner to turn a website into a social media hub where audiences can create relationships and come together over shared interests and events. While social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be an important part of any marketing strategy, Blazonco's social profile plugin keeps people on the business's website and is more customized to the business's individual needs.

Blazonco CEO Michael Sterner sees the social profile plugin as an extension of Blazonco's social media services. “As Blazonco expands its social media services to better serve small businesses, it was only natural that we explore an option that allows business owners to create their own social networks as well,” he said. “Blazonco's social profile plugin is another tool in business owners' arsenal that helps them effectively market their business and create a conversation with consumers.”

The social profile plugin allows users to:
- Personalize a profile with a custom layout
- Write on friends' walls
- Create and join groups
- Message people on the network
- Invite friends to events and tag events to make them easier to find

More functionality will soon be available, and custom functionality can be created for each website's needs. is one of Blazonco's sites that is taking full advantage of the social media plugin. The automotive social network will provide a platform where users can share photos, videos, memories and experiences related to cars and connect with fellow car enthusiasts. The social network also lets dealers market directly to their target audience. Although is one of the first sites to use Blazonco's social media plugin, there are many more more to come.

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