Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coming in February 2012, SpeedDash to Reduce Email Dependence

SpeedDash, the exciting new software from online business expert James Schramko, is set to clear people’s email inbox and simplify the way they navigate the Internet. Official launch is in February 2012.

James Schramko - Internet Business Expert

Quote startSpeedDash is new software and it was designed to help people reduce their dependence on email. It’s a drag-and-drop bookmark that has popular websites that they visit often.Quote end

Sydney, Australia February 22, 2012

With the way people have come to include Internet use in their daily lives, it’s only reasonable to come up with ways to organize how they function online. Most of the time, everything ties in with email. In order to make sure that they do not miss out on anything from the sites they are interested in, people subscribe to be notified regarding anything new. This results in a ridiculously full email inbox to their own annoyance and frustration. This common occurrence created a need, which Internet business whiz James Schramko recognized and responded to, hence the creation of an online dashboard called SpeedDash.

“SpeedDash is new software and it was designed to help people reduce their dependence on email,” Schramko explained. “It’s a drag-and-drop bookmark that has popular websites that they visit often.” Bookmarking has clearly been very helpful to Internet users in storing, organizing and searching content. SpeedDash takes things a step further while simplifying them at the same time. On SpeedDash, users can create quick links to any website of their choosing. This will produce a thumbnail preview, which, when clicked, will open in a new window.

“It basically serves as their new homepage so they can put links to all the places they visit like Facebook or Twitter or YouTube,” Schramko further shared. “They can put clocks in case they’re dealing with people in other parts of the world. They also can feed anything from Google Analytics such as sales dollars or conversion percentages or leads generated in the last day, 7 days or 30 days, and it will show them whether they are up or down compared to normal with a little green or red indicator.” Such a dashboard can certainly prove to be invaluable.

SpeedDash is particularly ideal for business owners or anyone who’s overwhelmed by the amount of email he gets or who’s too busy to go through the entire content of his inbox. “The whole concept is that they can go to places rather than places coming to them so they no longer need to receive feeds from Facebook or Twitter,” Schramko pointed out. “They can now go there and check it out once a day.” He mentioned the bank, Paypal, servers, hosting accounts, Analytics and other regular resources one might use as examples of sites people can link to on SpeedDash, which is to go live in February 2012. It is essentially a collection of home page widgetslinking to all the sites the user frequents. “Basically, they can choose what links they put there. They can have between 1 and 5 columns. It’s drag-and-drop. It’s simple to use and is also password-protected.”

SpeedDash is certainly going to help put order to people’s time online, and it will start by allowing them to de-clutter their inbox.