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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SEO Isn't Bad & Ads Don't Help Rankings

By: Navneet Kaushal

Google once again found themselves in the midst of unwanted attention after Jonathan Rockway, an employee was caught saying: "Instead of being able to SEO the entire Internet, businesses can now only affect the search results for a tiny percentage of users. That's a good thing because SEO can't scale, andSEO isn't good for users or the Internet at large."

The highlighted part of the statement made by Mr Rockway, is something that goes directly against Google. Over the years, Google has repeatedly maintained that they do not consider SEOs to be spams. As a matter of fact, in October last year, Matt Cutts did an entire video giving a detailed description behind the reasoning why Google does not consider SEOs to be spams. Please be noted that Mr Cutts is the head of Google's web spam team.

Another worrying comment made by Mr Rockway has been quoted below:

"If you look at the Google experience from the standpoint of customers, it's pretty good. Users get relevant search results and ads. Advertisers get their content on top of everything else. It's a good compromise between advertising and usability, and it works really well. It's a bug that you could rank highly in Google without buying ads, and Google is trying to fix the bug."

Once again the highlighted part of the statement by Mr Rockway is particularly worrisome, as it goes on to suggest that if you want to rank well on Google, you will have to buy ads.

Though three days after making the initial comment Mr Rockwaymade a corrective statement, "I shouldnt have mentioned ads here. Position on the results page should only depend on the quality of your content; if your site has the best content on the Internet for the users search terms, you should be the top result. You shouldnt be able to change your position in the organic results any other way, like by exploiting bugs in Googles ranking algorithm. The specifics of the ranking algorithm may change, but if your site is the best, you wont have to worry about it." This statement sort of took care of the ads issue, but SEO comment is still open for speculation.

Google jumped onto the sinking ship trying to salvage some lost pride by confirming again and saying that "As always, Google search rankings are completely unrelated to Googles paid advertising services and other partnerships, and there is absolutely no way for a webmaster to pay money to increase search rankings." and "When it comes to SEO, many owners of high-quality sites can and do get their site listed well in Googles search results without any outside help. Some site owners prefer to have someone else check and optimize their sites, and for these folks weve published some guidelines relating to evaluating SEO companies."

Google has said that Mr Rockway is new employee at Google who just about completed one month of employment, perhaps hinting that he is not fully acquainted with how Google works. This seems no more than a case of misunderstanding.

About the Author:
Nav is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, a premier search engine company known for its assured SEO service, web design and development, copywriting and full time SEO professionals.

Navneet has wide experience in natural search engine optimization, internet marketing and PPC campaigns. He is a prolific writer and his articles can be found in the "Best Articles" section of many websites and article banks. As a search engine analyst , he has over 9 years of experience and his knowledge is in application here.