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Monday, February 20, 2012

Top 10 Free SEO Tips List for January Released by JM Internet Group

Questions and answers on Search Engine Optimization by JM Internet Group. Leading SEO Training company provides free SEO tips service.

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Quote startQuestions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) answered by industry expert, Jason McDonald.Quote end

Fremont, CA February 20, 2012

The JM Internet Group (web:, a leader in providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) online, is proud to announce their January list of the Top Ten FreeSEO Tips (Questions and Answers) based on Google Analytics website data. The list chronicles the burning issues on search engine optimization, commonly asked by marketers and small businesses. Leading the list is the question, "Which domain extensions are best for SEO? .com vs. .net, .org, .biz?" "We work very hard to encourage our students to ask questions on search engine optimization issues," explained Dr. Jason McDonald, SEO Director. "Our philosophy is to make SEO easy and even fun for the average marketer or small business owner. Most of the SEO industry, in contrast, is all about obfuscating and making more difficult the task of getting to the top of Google, for free. Our SEO Tips section is a free question and answer service, based on our classes in SEO."

To browse all the SEO tips, questions and answers, go to:

SEO Tips - Free Questions and Answers on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here's how it works. Students who are taking the free or paid classes produced by the JM Internet Group, ask questions using the Gotowebinar software system. Dr. McDonald then answers these questions either live during a training, or afterwards via email. Selected questions and answers are blogged onto the JM Internet Group website, and optimized for SEO. Many of these then pull inbound searchers from Google to the site, and this inbound traffic is measured via Google Analytics. This results in a 'Top Ten List' of the most frequent questions marketers are searching the Internet for. Here is the January, 2012, list -

  • Which domain extensions are best for SEO? .com vs. .net, .org, .biz?
  • What is a 'landing page' in Google Analytics?
  • For the Google AdWords keyword tool, what does 'competition' mean?
  • Should you avoid the | character and the , (Comma) in TITLE tags?
  • What is the maximum number of keywords for SEO purposes?
  • How long does a page stay cached by Google?
  • What does 'competition' mean in the Google AdWords keywords tool?
  • What is the difference between brackets [] and Quotes " " in Google AdWords?
  • What does 'broad,' 'exact,' and 'phrase' means for AdWords keywords searches?

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