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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Support tops Comcast’s 2011 Vendor List

Chapel Hill based company maintains its standing as a Comcast top Quality vendor for the fifth year running.

American Support: No Offshore Call Centers!

Quote startIt is great to be recognized for the work we do to help Comcast strengthen their customer loyalty and grow their subscribers.Quote end

Chapel Hill, NC (PRWEB)

American Support, the nation’s only complete provider of back-office services to the cable industry, won the top Annual Award from Comcast for 2011:
Cable Quality Award as #1 Vendor Company.

American Support’s Telesales by Evergreen division, received the top award for annual 2011 QA ratings from among all of Comcast’s vendor partners.

American Support also took first place in the call center category for the year 2011:
● #1 Call Center - American Support Telesales by Evergreen - Daytona Beach

“Our outbound sales team has continued their winning streak and we could not be more proud,” said American Support’s President and CEO Matt Zemon. “It is great to be recognized for the work we do to help Comcast strengthen their customer loyalty and grow their subscribers.”

Comcast initiated these rigorous Quality Assurance and Legal Compliance measures among all it’s vendors in 2005. Telesales by Evergreen has earned the #1 Comcast rating as the top vendor in six of those seven years.

About American Support

For 22 years, clients have trusted American Support to connect with their customers. Today American Support has more than 550 employees in nearly 30 states. Many of America’s largest companies trust us with their customers because day in and day out American Support focuses on quality and knows that when it comes to customer retention and growth; every contact counts. American Support is the only provider of complete back-office services to the telecommunications industry in the USA and is proud to be creating jobs here at home.

American Support delivers flexibility to both clients and customer service representatives with a work-from-home virtual call center and three contact center facilities at the ready. The web-based customer contact platform, used by American Support, handles over 70 million interactions per year, while delivering unparalleled scalability and security.