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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bing Proposes To Follow One URL Per Content Item Strategy


By: Navneet Kaushal

Bing has taken a clear stance on mobile SEO with its post on the Bing Search Blog. Bing is going ahead with the "one URL per content item" strategy. This means there will be no different URLs for a website for a computer or a mobile phone. In fact they will prefer producing lesser versions of URLs as webmasters will avoid underperforming results this way.

The benefits of a single URL were brought to light by Bing:

  • "You have more ranking signals coming to this URL. Example: the vast majority of mobile URLs do not have inbound links from other websites as people do not link to mobiles URLs like they link to regular web-situated URLs.

  • This is also less search engine crawler traffic coming to your web servers, which is especially useful for large websites. Fewer URLs to crawl reduces the bandwidth our crawlers consume.

  • Less work (and potentially less cost) building, updating and maintaining a stand-alone mobile-focused website."

Bing has not said that each and every mobile URL should match to a desktop URL and be that desktop URL. If sites have landing pages specially for mobile searchers, Bing advices to "opt to block from us via the usual methods (robots.txt, webmaster tools)."

Now all eyes on Google whether it will take a direct stand or not!

About the Author:
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