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Friday, March 2, 2012

INFOGRAPHIC : The Shocking Effects Of The Google Driverless Car

The future is closer than you might think. Thanks to Google’s top secret research department, Google X, driverless cars are now a reality and could be hitting the mainstream in the not too distant future. Nevada has become the first US state to pass a law allowing driverless cars on the roads in their state, and Google is even considering getting into the automobile industry by manufacturing the cars themselves.

But as our infographic today shows (courtesy ofAptus Insurance), there are drawbacks as well as advantages to projects such as these. All of those who depend on driving for a living will see their jobs threatened, and states such as California could lose revenue if drivers opted for a cheaper ID card instead of a licence renewal. But think of the benefits! While the car drives, you could sleep, read, play your Nintendo DS console, eat your lunch or even make out on the back seat! Plus the number of drunk driving accident deaths would plummet to virtually none.

Here is a short video by the creator of the driverless car, Sebastian Thrun, on why he started the project (definitely not for making out on the back seat!), and also a brief look at the car itself.

Would you buy a driverless car if it was affordable? Or does a car like this take away one of life’s simple pleasures which is driving the car yourself? Can you think of any other advantages or disadvantages to Google’s driverless car? Let’s hear them in the comments below.

Google Driverless Car - Shocking Effects

Infographic Source: Aptus Insurance

Mark O'Neill

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