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Friday, April 20, 2012

“How Do I Publish an E-book?” Answered by

Digital Marketers is delivering the ultimate guide to self-publishing on Amazon, and answering the question that's growing in popularity: "How do I publish an e-book?"

"Partnering With Amazon"

"Partnering With Amazon"

Quote start“Partnering with Amazon” doesn’t promise a million sales, but it does promise an increased amount of recognition and authority for any author or business that uses its guidelines.Quote end

Austin, TX April 20, 2012

Self-motivated authors are increasingly asking "How do I publish an e-book?" Based on recent developments in the digital content world, self-publishing e-books has become an easy, inexpensive, and customizable process. Today’s article says that by putting Amazon in an e-book’s corner, self-publishers will have access to the greatest source of information selling there is.

With Digital Marketers’ latest Special Report, self-publishers are finding it easy to take advantage of Amazon’s value laden programs and features. “Partnering with Amazon: How to give Amazon Permission to Sell Your Products to their Over 275 Million Registered Buyers” will show any content creator how to submit, promote, and sell e-books to one of the largest customer bases ever created.

Amazon has been the go-to place for e-commerce since its inception in 1995, said the article. It aims to be Earth’s most consumer-centric company by giving endless support to both customers who buy and clients who offer the products and information it specializes in. “Partnering with Amazon” includes tried and true techniques for both selling and publishing, and includes instructions for using the features that make Amazon the greatest marketplace on the web.

The article said that Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is sensationally impacting e-book consumerism by making it easy and enjoyable to download and read digital content anytime, anywhere. Kindle is the #1 bestselling product across the millions of items sold on Amazon.

The company’s own Kindle Direct Publishing program makes self-publishing a reality, and allows for customizable prices, promotional efforts, and release dates. Those aspects put the power into the hands of the creator, said the article. Self-publishing with Amazon increases the audience and profit of any content.

“Partnering with Amazon” doesn’t promise a million sales, but it does promise an increased amount of recognition and authority for any author or business that uses its guidelines. The increased sales don’t hurt either, said the article. Taking full responsibility for content creation and promotion can be intimidating, which is why Digital Marketers took it upon themselves to offer aid in the form of the Special Report.

Digital Marketer provides entrepreneurs with the information and confidence to create powerful marketing strategies. Its cutting-edge techniques have produced sales increases and magnified recognition for a multitude of business types. It releases Special Reports like this one, as well as other educational courses and materials to its subscribing members. For more information visit

Amazon has something for everyone, but learning how to use its features can be overwhelming. Authors and entrepreneurs looking to self-publish content with Kindle Direct Publishing need the information in “Partnering with Amazon” to take full advantage of the management tools and customizable components. After that, they’ll no longer have to ask "How do I publish an e-book?"