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Monday, April 2, 2012

How to Get a Book Published Answered by Digital Marketing Labs

Digital Marketers are helping people learn how to get a book published using Amazon.

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Quote startAmazon and its e-reader revolution have increased the number of published authors tenfold, giving even the most unrecognizable people and businesses the chance to sell their book on Amazon.Quote end

Austin, TX April 02, 2012

Finding out how to get a book published makes marketing sense for anyone when they do it on the shoulders of a retail-selling machine. Amazon makes publishing and selling books fast and easy, and earns marketing advantages like web traffic growth and authority. Based on its size and capabilities, a relationship with Amazon is the best marketing decision a business could make.

According to’s latest article, publishing support is available with “Partnering with Amazon: How to Give Amazon Permission to Sell Your Products to their Over 275 Million Registered Buyers.” It’s the Special Report from Digital Marketers filled with sound marketing advice.

The current state of the print publishing industry makes it difficult to get published. Getting through to a major publisher and convincing them of backing a good book idea is harder than ever. The amount of time and effort that goes into the production of one unproven book just isn’t worth the big publishers’ time.

Amazon and its e-reader revolution have increased the number of published authors tenfold, giving even the most unrecognizable people and businesses the chance to sell their book on Amazon. It also provides the web traffic advantages, search result boosts, and authority influence that any big publisher would dream about.

And it doesn’t stop at books. Essays, reports, even monthly newsletters can all be published on Amazon. Basically any written content that falls within Amazon’s standards can be digitally submitted and made available to a crowd of interested customers.

That crowd is continuing to grow with each passing week, as more users register their credit cards and shipping information with Amazon’s servers. As the go-to place for e-commerce, Amazon is beginning to take over for book stores, grocers, and shopping malls. When customers can search for, compare, and buy products that are shipped or instantly downloaded on their computer, it’s no wonder Amazon is giving traditional commerce a run for its money.

There are several methods to selling on Amazon, and the Special Report shares the best system for each. The best part is, Amazon does the selling, so all creators need to do is submit their content and watch the sales roll in.

In the span of just 17 pages, “Partnering with Amazon” provides more useable systems for selling and promoting a book than entire marketing courses. More than 100 hours of research went into the Special Report to help would-be self-publishers learn the best ways to get their books on Amazon.

Discover how to get a book published with the power behind the Internet’s shopping mecca by getting a copy of “Partnering with Amazon" from Digital Marketers.

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