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Monday, April 23, 2012

Opentracker Launches “Total Engagement” Analytics Service for mobile Apps

Mobile app analytics: because engagement patterns are changing, so is the way we measure and report them. Opentracker proudly presents “Total Engagement,” a real-time service that tracks how customers use software across all devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Android; Mac or PC; tablet, laptop or desktop.

Cross-platform Total Engagement by

Quote start...having an edge in the quality of information about how people use your product is like blood and oxygen. Eddie Moojen - CEOQuote end

Amsterdam, Netherlands April 23, 2012

The following press release is presented byOpentracker,, the little company that's looking to challenge Google Analytics' mobile app reporting.

Wake up, mobile app developers and publishers! What time is it? It’s survival of the fittest o’clock.
Who knows what their app is doing?

Opentracker proudly presents “Total Engagement,” a service that tracks how customers use your software across all devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Android; Mac or PC; tablet, laptop or desktop. They even threw in Linux and BlackberryOS just to be sure.

App makers who don’t already have a tracking service should act fast to keep up with the competition. Here is a Features list.

Here are two reasons to consider Opentracker and how “Total Engagement” can help app-makers survive and thrive.

First, simplicity. Total Engagement combines website and app tracking in a seamless, complementary way making it possible to both understand how people are using a product, and see total ad impressions, on one page, literally.

Second, excellence. While there are other app trackers, Opentracker shows app publishers, developers, vendors, and marketers specific details necessary to understand customers, going beyond the trends and raw data (which are also provided). Excellent because Opentracker put more than ten years worth of experience into the reporting system.

Excellent because it’s all in realtime so that app managers stay on top of today’s news today. Open Tracker displays a level of detail that is amazing, perhaps even a little disturbing. It’s a brave new world. Here is their brave new Twitter feed.

Sure, Opentracker reports on how many users an app has, how often it's been launched, which release versions are being used, CTR%, activity, stickiness and loyalty figures, and basically any event data imaginable. Of course these reports can be segmented and filtered in multiple dimensions.

But what's more impressive is the detailed user data, meaning users’ geo-location, connection and connectivity changes, and ISP. For example, when an app is used on a mobile network, Opentracker can pinpoint accurate details about gps location, carrier, ISP, and connection speed.

Opentracker does this in real time. It’s like looking over a user’s shoulders. Someone reading this for the first time might be thinking how can somebody do that? Easy; app builders can define and send as many custom events as needed in order to build a complete picture.

Why? Because app-makers need a complete picture to understand app usability. For people who build, publish, advertise on, or sell apps, it is important to know how people use their apps. If it can be defined, Opentracker can track it. Check out the API here.

Unlimited custom events is a game changer. Imagine what can be done with so much detailed data. It becomes easier to improve apps or conversions and advertising campaigns, and identify navigational flaws.

In other words: automated usability feedback directly from app users. “It’s a bit like having 50,000 app users, 50,000 of whom are usability testers” said CEO Eddie Moojen. Check out the Blog here.

This is all made possible because the developers at Opentracker took a huge step and switched to a bleeding edge NoSQL database technology called Cassandra. Cassandra is Open Source technology that was originally developed at Facebook and used by numerous big web players like Digg, Twitter, Netflix, and Facebook themselves. This technology was built for scaling to Big Data, with the added advantage of making it affordable per volume.

Opentracker provides 3 levels of usage; A free developer (limited feature) package, a basic package with most of the goodies, and a service level plus package.

Opentracker is not the only one marketing tracking products. Hell, a bad-ass programmer can probably build the functionality to do it themselves.

Opentracker can do it quicker, cheaper, easier, better.

Opentracker has been a trendsetter in web analytics for 10 years.

Opentracker survived when Google started giving away a stripped down version of their original product for free- also known as Google Analytics.

Opentracker survived and thrived because there will always be people in this industry - in every industry - who understand that having an edge in the quality of information -- about how people use their products -- is like blood and oxygen.

The goal: given the importance of understanding user audience and being able to react in a timely fashion, Opentracker’s goal is to provide a realtime solution which is easy to read and reports on Total Engagement across apps and websites.

OPENTRACKER is a competitively priced best-of-breed solution for event based analytics. We strive to provide the best, most informative, and most straight-forward statistics solution available. With 10 years experience in web tracking, analytics and statistics innovation, we continue to pioneer technology and growth in software, while remaining forefront in our expertise. The company’s hallmark is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-read reporting interfaces.