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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Make your campaign stand out

Facebook has proven to be a great source of cost effective traffic for many advertisers. But as the Facebook advertising market rapidly becomes more cluttered, the challenge is for business owners to make their campaign stand out.

So here are 7 quick fire tips to help make your Facebook ad campaign stand out!

1. Images

Images are probably the single most important element of your Facebook ad. You’re trying to pull people away from trawling through their Facebook feed, so your images lterally need to jump out and get users attention. People like funny, controversy and intrigue. An image that effectively ticks these boxes will drastically improve your campaign performance.

2. Headlines

After your image has captured their attention, the headline needs to draw them in. Facebook ads are like any other short form text advertising – the headline should entice readers to read more or click through. Need or Greed are great consumer motivators – so headlines that tackle these effectively will generate better responses.

3. Incentives

Everybody wants to WIN or get something for free. So why not feed this basic human motivation. Marketing has historically always work better with incentives, and Facebook is no different.

4. Targeting

Anyone who knows anything about marketing will understand the importance of targeting. Facebook has a great understanding of its users interests and activities – more so than any other medium. So it’s vital you use this to your advantage and make sure you develop campaigns that will hit the mark with specific demographics.

5. Freshness

There’s a lot going on in Facebook. Content is being fed into people lives at unprecedented rates, so to ensure your campaigns maintain their momentum, it’s critical to keep ads fresh. Banner blindness builds quickly in this social environment, so change it up and improve your chances of capturing their attention.

6. Landing Pages

Once you’ve mastered the items above, the job isn’t complete. Don’t create the most awesome campaign and targeting and drop the ball with your click through destination. If you’ve developed a theme with your ad, it’s really important to follow through onto your landing page – so the journey is coherent. If you’re ad was funny – make sure the humour continues through to the destination page.

7. Campaign Goals

Lastly – set the right goals for your Facebook campaigns. Facebook advertising is awesome on many levels, but it’s not the answers for all campaigns. Building awareness, growing lists, engaging users are all great goals for your campaigns. Direct purchase – not so much (that’s said, some retails and products do work well in the space). Understand where Facebook will effectively fit into your clients buying cycle (awareness, education, etc) and measure its success based on that.

Any that’s a wrap. So if you’re into Facebook advertising already, hopefully these tips will help you polish up your campaigns…and if you’re just starting out, this is a solid blueprint for getting your campaigns right from the beginning.

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