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Monday, May 28, 2012

Instant Content Curator Pro Now Google Panda and Penguin-Proof To Increase SERP Rank and Traffic Released Worldwide

Instant Content Curator Pro helps add media rich content to a website. It increases SERP rank and traffic. The content generated by the software is also fully compliant with Google Panda and Penguin updates. More details at

instant content curator pro

Instant content curator pro

Quote startInstant Content Curator Pro, with details at, is a freshly released useful tool that adds media rich content to a website and increases search engine rank and traffic.Quote end

Content curation (also known as "Media Curation") refers to sorting the media information available on the Internet and present it in a clean, meaningful way to others. The whole process can be done with the help of special softwares combined with human resources ( Instant Content Curator Pro is a freshly released useful tool that adds media rich content to a website and increases traffic.

Instant Content Curator Pro, with details at, allows blog owners to easily manage two or more blogs by using a central hub. Basically, this tool quickly and easily adds curated media content to a website in order to attract visitors. It curates articles as well as google feeds and it is completely safe to use. In addition, this content generating software is fully compliant with the well-known Panda and Penguin updates from Google.

The Instant Content Curator Pro software is designed by John Pearce and hhitch. Both authors are dedicated Internet Marketers who are aware of the importance of fresh content that is constantly added to a website. They created this software not only to teach other website owners how to improve ranking and increase traffic, but also to show how media curation can be better than generating unique content. John Pearce and hhitch designed this software especially for those who are constantly looking for ways to improve the contents of their website.

This software aims to provide quality content with the least effort from the site owner. By adding fresh and quality content to a website on a regular basis, the ranking of that particular website will significantly improve. The software is up to date with the latest SEO changes and it can add YouTube videos, and ezine articles that were previously curated as well as a variety of images from the Internet. Moreover, the software can also ensure copyright compliance with regards to media content such as images, videos, articles and more.

More information can be found at