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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shifting SERPs - It's Not A Penguin Update Says Google

By: Navneet Kaushal

With the SEOs struggling to sit up after the Penguin Updatesmack, there has been additional anxiety created by the rapid shifts in the SERPs noted in the past 24 hours. Webmasters have shared this on forums that Google search results are showing a lot of movement. The word spread that it was a Penguin 1.1 being rolled out by Google, but the search engine has denied this.

The search engine has responded to these queries of whether a Penguin refresh is being rolled out or not, by denying any Penguin update. In fact there has been no Panda refresh either by Google as well as other update from their end. This statement by Google has not made matters clear because the SERPs are fluctuating continually, as can be seen by the posts on theWebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Help forums.

While there have been no confirmed reports of recovery from the Apr 24 rollout, but certain recovery methods have been shared on WebmasterWorldforums. These include:

  1. Removing pages with thin content and sticking to original content pages.

  2. Do not get more links for the affected site after getting rid of the poor content pages. Try to find out the bad links coming from disrepute sites and then take up anchor text dilution on these sites.

Have you noticed the changes in SERPs too? We are monitoring the situation and it is quite possible that it is a flux. Keep watching this site for the latest. Meanwhile to catch up on the latest on the Penguin, here is how webmasters are contemplating on ways to beat the Penguin. And some ideas for Penguin recovery.

About the Author:
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