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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Business Owners Find a New Secret Weapon to Battle the Recession is an online internet marketing company specifically geared towards helping the small business owner successfully market their business online.

Internet Marketing Made Simple

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Las Vegas, NV May 17, 2012

Las Vegas based local internet marketing company has helped hundreds of business owners all across the country get new customers online, but having just passed it’s one year anniversary it is’s recent announcement that is causing a frenzy of excitement amongst it’s clients and small business owners across the country. Being an affordable seo company has always been at the forefront of Yoobly’s mission, but with this recent announcement and release of their new free custom video creation tool, the marketing playing field is being reinvented for small business owners.

Founder and owner Dustin Briley was recently asked what impact this new service would have on small businesses. He responded, "Small businesses are the engine of our economy and most small business owners know that people are going to the internet to find them, but they lack the time and resources to get totally integrated with all of the ways they can get new customers online. As a local internet marketing company, we want to arm each small business owner with a suite of marketing services that are simple, extremely affordable and backed with the type of customers service that you will want to tell your friends about. The release of our new free custom video creation service represents our commitment to bridging this gap and showing business owners how to reach their customers in the most effective way possible."

In 2010 Internet Retailer released a report with some staggering statistics about the power of video for online businesses. It revealed that consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who do not watch.

It's easy to see that video is having a massive impact on businesses locally, nationally, and globally. Never has there been a time where a business owner can leverage technology and broadcast their message more clearly, with greater engagement and ease then right now. Yoobly’s new local internet marketing service is leading the way so that business owners can maximize this opportunity.

The same report unveiled the results of a case study with eCommerce company and how video affected the percentage of people that added a product to their shopping cart or called for more information. The use of video increased their customers adding products to cart by an astounding 144%. Hopefully seeing these statistics will wake up business owners to opportunity that sits in front of them.

Business owners can absolutely not afford to miss out on the opportunity to communicate their message with video and with Yoobly’s new free video creation service, price doesn’t have to be an obstacle. As outlined on their website

The saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so how much will a professional video message be worth to small business owners throughout the country? Yoobly is here to help, find out more by

"We couldn't be more excited about Yoobly's new video creation tool." Terry Lyman said of "It was almost a year ago that we sat down and had Yoobly help us with an overhaul of our online presence. We had never received any customers to our website and it honestly seemed pointless. We now rank at the top of Google for all of our targeted keywords. Every week we get new quotes for payroll, human resource plans or other business services and the percentage of new clients we bring on from the internet continues to dramatically grow. We are already writing our script to have our video recorded and placed on our website and can't wait to see the results. Yoobly has changed the way we get new customers."

Yoobly was founded by in 2011 due to a need for small and local business owners to have access to all the best marketing tools and services so they can do exactly what it takes to successfully market their online businesses. Yoobly has created their own special place in the internet marketing world due to their unique mixture of talent, expertise, and unique insight. Together these qualities are helping small business owners dramatically improve their online presence and stabilize their growth by finding new customers online.

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