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Monday, May 28, 2012

Using Pinterest for Business has Marketers Rushing to Catch On, According to Digital Marketer Article

Using Pinterest for business is easy with Digital Marketer's help, and the most recent article from their website explains why.

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Quote startWith the most up-to-date and relevant information on starting a Pinterest strategy that is proven to work, “Pinterest for Marketers” is revealing the tips that can get it going.Quote end

Austin, TX May 28, 2012

Using Pinterest for business has quickly become one of the best ways to market a brand’s image. The visual revolution of the Internet has fueled Pinterest’s massive growth, and made it one of the most popular online destinations for millions of web browsers.

This all comes from the latest article, which said that tapping into the huge amounts of free traffic that can be generated through the newest social media craze will help any business in their marketing efforts.

When something like this comes along, Digital Marketer can be counted on to provide useful information and strategies that will help reach a whole new base of potential customers. “Pinterest for Marketers: Pin It to Win It” is the newest RAW Training session offered by the online marketing company, and it’s changing the way many marketers are approaching their social media techniques, said the article.

Learning how to get Pinterest traffic can boost a business’s authority and search engine ranking. As marketers know, getting a brand’s image out into cyberspace is an important step in the overarching strategy, and Pinterest is allowing that in impressive numbers. The article said that because of the image-based theme to Pinterest, graphics, logos, and photos are growing in importance.

By encouraging “pinning” and “re-pinning,” Pinterest is taking the images found in all corners of the web and turning them into a social media function. Collecting and curating photos, graphs, and pictures of items, people now have a way to connect to the businesses they are interested in, and the businesses in turn can interact back with them.

Of course, the article said this is generating massive amounts of traffic to business websites, which any marketer knows is a valuable asset to have.

That means Pinterest, with its 11.7 million (and counting) users, is lining itself up as the next big thing for Internet marketers, said the article. The future of online content is leaning towards images, and Pinterest is cashing in on that fact.

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With the most up-to-date and relevant information on starting a Pinterest strategy that is proven to work, “Pinterest for Marketers” is revealing the tips that can get it going, said the article. Learn about using Pinterest for businesswith the experts at Digital Marketer by gaining access to the RAW Training.