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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Black Box Social Media Releases Pinterest Tips for Marketers

Curt Maly, Co-Founder of Black Box Social Media, has released tips on how to use Pinterest for Marketers

Curt Maly

Curt Maly

Quote startHowever, there are certain tricks that you can perform (on Pinterest) which will allow for you to create value for users and still promote your product or serviceQuote end

Austin, Texas June 27, 2012

Curt Maly, the Co-Founder of Black Box Social Media LLC, has released tips on how marketers can best use the fastest growing social networking juggernaut Pinterest for business purposes. Black Box Social Media has an official blog page which covers the latest news for marketers on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube as well as news on SEO and Local Online Search Directories.

"Pinterest is a tricky site for marketers because it's not designed to be used as a marketing site," says Mr. Maly. "However, there are certain tricks that you can perform which will allow for you to create value for users and still promote your product or service. The key is to provide value and not just self-promote."

Pinterest is a huge online social media pinboard that has all sorts of recipes, art, pets, beauty, DIY, and anything else you can imagine. The social site has been growing quickly (has over 2 million visits per day) and is especially popular with women.

"What red blooded marketer isn't going to want to promote his or her product in front of millions of people in a given month?" asks Mr. Maly.

Black Box Social Media is also the creator of the all in one online video education product called 'Social Media In 7 Minutes', which has over 60 step by step how to videos on how to create, set up, optimize, engage and more on all the major social networking sites (including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and more). In addition, it also provides users with a social media dashboard to allow customers to schedule posts in advance on multiple social networking sites, which will make implementation much easier.

"The two biggest keys to implementing a social media marketing plan is 1) education and 2) simple implementation," says Black Box Social Media co-Founder Nick Bridges. "Social Media In 7 Minutes is designed to allow small business owners to overcome each of those hurdles."

To read Mr. Maly's Pinterest Tips for Marketers, please click here.