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Monday, June 25, 2012

New! ClickTale Mobile™ Solves the Mystery of Mobile Browsing

After an intensive year of development and research, we are extremely proud to announce the beta availability of our ClickTale Mobile™ solution, uniquely capturing how users navigate mobile sites!

For the first time, ClickTale Mobile™ allows you to view your mobile customers’ true-to-life browsing experience at all levels of detail from aggregated views to playable videos of individual sessions. You can now discover the reasons behind visitor frustration, as well as learn how to improve the mobile web experience based on your users’ actual browsing behavior.

“Companies today are almost completely blind to how customers interact with their mobile sites – it’s essentially a black box,” said Dr. Tal Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of ClickTale. “Businesses can now visualize what’s working and what’s not on their websites by seeing every swipe, pinch, tilt and tap. By revealing the problems that are frustrating their customers, businesses can finally make the site improvements that optimize the mobile customer experience for millions of users worldwide.”

Mobile eCommerce has already become a multi-billion dollar market, and more and more businesses are rushing to develop their mobile presence. With ClickTale Mobile™, businesses will easily be able to:

  • Improve mobile site usability and customer satisfaction
  • Boost conversion rates of landing pages, online forms and shopping carts
  • Maximize ROI from existing marketing channels
  • Reduce site abandonment rates
  • Increase visitor engagement

One of the first customers to be included in the ClickTale Mobile™ Beta is CBS, who are looking forward to getting ClickTale Mobile™ up and running on their many online global sites such as CNET and

Stay tuned, as ClickTale Mobile™ is scheduled for wide release later this year so everyone can join in icon smile New! ClickTale Mobile™ Solves the Mystery of Mobile Browsing