Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Whiteboard Video is the Most Captivating Video Marketing Tactic | New Study Announced by Ydraw

Whiteboard video has been announced the most captivating video marketing tactic today. These videos are entertaining, informative, and get leads like crazy. A new study by Ydraw shows that they are leading competitors in captivation and marketing.

Whiteboard Video
Whiteboard Video
Quote startVideo scribing is done in a way that is simple to watch and can grab the focus of even the most challenging-to-reach group of customers.Quote end
Saint George, UT  November 13, 2012
When it comes to marketing, customers would rather watch a whiteboard video. Written text is becoming a technique of the past now that digital media is readily accessible.
When trying to display a message for customers to listen to it can seem like nothing will work how it needs to. It might seem like nothing has the ability to get customers to focus on the message at hand and be able to memorize what they have been told. This is where video scribing comes in. Video scribing is a type of video animation in which whiteboard videodisplays are created in order to capture audience’s attention and keep them entertained. In this type of video animation an actor or actress performs a type of animation that is actively taking place on the screen. It is done in multiple steps that are designed to engage the viewer and keep them waiting on the edge of their seat for the next step.
This form of whiteboard video is delivering amazing results delivering relevant messages across the web while being memorable enough to produce long-lasting and efficient results. It is especially useful for products or services that require a little bit of education to sell. Video scribing is done in a way that is simple to watch and can grab the focus of even the most challenging-to-reach group of customers. This is due to the fact that it is more engaging than reading a block of text or watching a dull interview-style video, and is more dynamic than listening to a radio advert. Essentially, when it comes to video animation there is nothing that customers would more rather choose to look at than whiteboard videos because they don’t feel like advertisements. Instead this form of video scribing feels like art.
Alecsy Christensen