Thursday, December 27, 2012

BLARE Media Teams up to Produce Whiteboard Videos

Software company hires a team of California based video producers to create a whiteboard video series to tell their story.

Corporate Whiteboard Video
Corporate Whiteboard Video
Quote startCalifornia-based organization specializing in web-based software for the restaurant industry.Quote end
Fresno, CA  December 27, 2012
BLARE Media, a Fresno-based production company known for creating stylish TV spots and videos, is collaborating with Janzen Brands consultants and visual artist Doug Morris to produce a series of whiteboard videos for Altametrics, a California-based organization specializing in web-based software for the restaurant industry. Altametrics' flagship product, e*Restaurant is the world's most advanced enterprise management solution running restaurants like McDonalds, Taco Bell, California Pizza Kitchen, Chipolte, and thousands of others worldwide.
The first two whiteboard videos in the series promote Altametrics e*Restaurant® and Hula® enterprise solutions by featuring a fictitious character from ancient times named Jebediah. By artfully combining Doug Morris' hand-drawn illustrations, the voice talents of Jim Tuck and a fun, retro music track, Jason Wada and the video production team at BLARE Media dramatized Jebediah's quirky quest to take his growing chain of horse-drawn taco carts to the next level of productivity and profitability through the use of Altametrics products.
The two, tongue-in-cheek videos, produced in both high-def and low-rez versions, have been presented at QSR industry trade shows and can be currently seen on BLARE Media's website. A third Altametrics video featuring its latest product, OrderBee, is currently in production. Look for more on that video in the near future.