Thursday, December 20, 2012

High Quality and Affordable Link Building Services from Link Emperor Receives Positive Review from Rick Porter

Acclaimed internet marketing specialist Rick Porter has recently named Link Emperor as his favorite service provider in the market for link building services. Mr. Porter has come to this conclusion after thoroughly reviewing all aspects of the service offered by Link Emperor.

Boston, MA  December 20, 2012
According to a recent survey carried out by distinguished internet marketing expert Rick Porter, Link Emperor is the most effective of all link building services available in the market. Link building may be defined as the process of building inbound links to a website that are relevant. This is considered to be a highly important topic in online marketing because proper link building can substantially improve the search engine ranks of a website, resulting in highly targeted traffic flow for the website. Mr. Porter mentions that the secret behind the high efficiency of Link Emperor lies in the fact that their service revolves around targeting hundreds of long tail keywords making it a very effective and affordable search engine optimization company.
Long tail keywords are less competitive and highly targeted. Link Emperor is a completely automated system that can handle thousands of such keywords at a time and targeting many keywords is said to be a strong Penguin recovery strategy. According to Mr. Porter, some of the top attributes of the service offered by Link Emperor includes article directory submission, Wiki submission, Web 2.0 Creation, social submission through SocialAdr, social bookmarking, press releases, blog commenting, and much more. The review also informs that Link Emperor is a highly affordable search engine optimization company, even for the new businesses. Interestingly, it only costs $7 to get started with this efficient service.
Mr. Porter believes that choosing a link building package requires extreme caution because a wrong choice may have deadly consequences. Use of an ordinary link building service may easily result in spyware infection of computers or IP blacklisting due to spamming. While using these services, one may have to purchase link building packets, hire outsourcers to run the campaign, purchase captchas, or pay additional subscriptions for a spinner. Link Emperor stands out from all these link building services because it relieves users from all these hassles. Many users of this service have already received excellent results, according to Mr. Porter.
The Link Emperor service can be tried through a very special offer that Rick Porter worked out with the company at this link:
About Rick Porter: Rick Porter is one of the most acclaimed internet marketing specialists in the business community. The renowned consultant and trainer has recently recommended Link Emperor as the most effective and affordable SEO company.
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