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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Internet Marketing Firm, fishbat, Reacts to SEO in Talent Acquisition

fishbat responds to an article published by which explains the importance for businesses to engage in effective search engine optimization practices in order to recruit talent.

Bohemia, NY December 12, 2012
On December 12, 2012, fishbat reacts to an article posted on explaining why a business should use search engine optimization (SEO) in their efforts to advertise openings and find relevant and qualified candidates.
The Mashable article emphasizes the importance of research and use of keywords when advertising a job opening. According to the article, research on the position advertised will allow a business to effectively communicate what a candidate would be responsible for and what their duties would entail. Entering keywords in the description of the advertisement would also allow candidates to more easily find the job opening, Mashable reports. The article claims that this part of SEO would aid businesses because it acts as a sort of filter on candidates. The research and use of keywords would act as a way to acquire a smaller but more qualified pool of applicants, the article explains.
Ranking, use of links, and social media are also mentioned as important for talent recruiting. The article uses Google PageRank and the Google search engine to describe how a business’ website or job advertisement would be found, and found by the desired candidates. According to the article since the Google search engine is heavily used, it is in a business’ interest to elevate their rank. The higher the rank, the closer to the top a business would appear in the search result.
Using links is stressed in the article because links act as an avenue back to the business. The health of a business can be often tied to the direct relationship it has to the attention it receives.
The article acknowledges social media as a useful tool for its network building potential. Social media holds high numbers of followers and becomes an effective means of advertisement of a business and distributing links to guide users back to any given business site.
Justin Maas, VP of client relations at the Internet marketing firm fishbat, offers his reaction to SEO in talent acquisition. “SEO should never be underestimated. As the amount of business over internet continues to grow, it is becoming more vital for a business to be able to distinguish itself from the crowd and communicate their message to their targeted demographic.”
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