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Friday, December 28, 2012

Internet Marketing Firm fishbat Releases Yet Another Edition of “fishbat Splash” Talking About Google Communities

The new video focuses on a new addition to the social media site Google Plus called Google Communities.

Bohemia, NY  December 28, 2012
On December 28, fishbat released a new video as part of their “fishbat Splash” series, which aims to keep people informed on the latest news in the world of digital marketing and advertising.
Social network Google Plus recently added a new feature their website. Now, they have made it a lot easier for users to connect with other users that have similar interests as them.
“Google Plus is still trying to catch up to Facebook any way it can; queue the installation of Google Communities, which is a new feature on Google Plus” said Scott Darrohn, CEO for the Internet marketing firm fishbat. “This feature seeks to bring together people that have the same interests.”
In the recently released video, Darrohn went on to say that a new tab on Google Plus will allow people to create a group (it can be either public or private), that is centered around a specific interest or community. This is similar to the groups and events page that people can create on Facebook.
Darrohn went on to use a “holiday-inspired example” of the new feature. “Say the Grinch had a Google Plus profile. He could create a community for his number one hobby, ruining Christmas,” Darrohn said. “He could invite anyone he wanted, such as his dog Max or even Scrooge.” From there, the three of them could plan on how to stop Christmas.
While this idea is pretty simple, it does create a great way for people to connect with each other through similar interests. Google Plus is gaining in popularity across the world; however it still has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with Facebook.
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