Sunday, December 9, 2012

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I gather together Humanitarian Related Global Issues. That  come to my inbox from 
many sources and are collectively presented in my "People's PoweredNews"/ ConsciousCHAOS-
tied together for decision makers to draw information from
that reflects humanity and the needs of the globe we live on.
We are evolving to a more conscientious driven force out of necessity...
now's the time to make the conscientious changes!

(New York) – The Empire State Building will turn a vivid blue in honor of Human Rights Watch on December 10, 2012, which marks the annual day to celebrate human rights... ( Read more: ...)

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(Geneva) – Poland’s announcement on December 5, 2012, that it is about to ratify the international treaty prohibiting landmines means that all 27 European Union countries have banned these unlawful weapons, Human Rights Watch said today. (

Ask Nigeria’s President What Happened to $4 Million

Lead poisoning in Zamfara State, Nigeria, has taken the lives of over 400 children and left thousands more with permanent life-long disability. In May, President Goodluck Jonathan pledged
 $4 million to clean up the lead contamination. Today, that money is nowhere to be found, and thousands of children remain at risk of death and disability... (Read More: )

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There aren’t many culinary queries that can stump Delia Smith. “How do I marinate a polar bear?” appears to be one of them.

Waitrose, which has a lucrative advertising deal with Britain’s top chef, has become embroiled in an ill-tempered r

In addition, the WHO released an update stating that as of 4 December a total of 732 suspected cases of yellow fever have been reported in Darfur, including 165 deaths... (Read more: