Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Viral Referral Marketing: How To Get a Ton of Referrals - New World Class Media Course

Here's a tip from World Class Media's new 1000X Referral Marketing Training. It is a single example of how an Orthodontist got tons of referrals. This trick is called: ”Lunch and Learn” invite them to your office for lunch…Find out more about our 1000X Referral Training Here: World Class Media, Referral Marketing Company Training

Dental Marketing - Client Acquisition Flow Chart
Dental Marketing - Client Acquisition Info-Graphic
Quote startReferrals are the fastest, easiest and most rewarding way to get your ideal clientele. Mix this with powerful Social Media Marketing strategies and growth is inevitable.Quote end
Los Angeles, CA  December 05, 2012
On December 1st, World Class Media released their new 1000X Referrals Training.
This Press Release gives a single example of one of over 100 techniques they give you to help double your referrals and clientele in their referral training course.
Who this applies to: all businesses. Here's an example:
How an Orthodontic Practice got a ton of referrals.
Most referrals come from general Dentists. And instead of the Dentist Office going to visit other offices, taking them a basket of muffins or whatever, they now invite Dentists to the Ortho’s office for what they call “Lunch & Learn”.
This Orthodontist has every office (about 25 dental offices) come for lunch usually about every six months. So a couple of times a year they all come. They come with their entire staff. They always provide very professional services for the Doctor’s family and for his staff. But Doctors never saw it firsthand. It makes the impression that much more ingrained in their mind and creates much more friendliness.
So now that this Orthodontic Practice has Dentists coming to their office for lunches they also give them a professional tour of their office. They show them what they do there. And during that lunch it’s their opportunity to share with the Dentist all the things that they can do for them and, as partners with them, to be a team for their Patients in orthodontic care.
The results have been incredible.
It’s very seldom that a Dental Office comes and, as a result of being there, they don’t at least start one of the Dental staff’s children or their assistant’s child or their hygienist or one of their assistants starting treatment. The Orthodontist feeling is if they start their staff and their children and their families in treatment, then they’re going to tell their patients that’s who to go to. They also give them preferential rates.
They started these tactics eight years ago – at that time the practice was producing about $300,000 a year + they had 27 employees at that time. And today they have only ten employees and they had their first million dollar year this past year.
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