Thursday, January 31, 2013

Check Out All The New Features In BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry, the company formerly known as RIMrevealed its latest BlackBerry 10 handsets and operating system to the world today. The devices come with a number of new features that RIMBlackBerry thinks consumers and enterprise customers alike will love.
First up is BlackBerry Hub, the one stop shop for all the messages you receive in any given day. It collects all the texts, BlackBerry Messenger messages, Tweets and Facebook posts you receive into one place. It’s the one big feature of BlackBerry 10 that the company has spent a lot of time talking about.
Similarly, BlackBerry has taken a lot of time to focus on the enterprise advantages of BlackBerry Hub. Alongside keeping all of your incoming messages in one place, Hub also keeps track of all your meetings and calendar events. You can even access who will be attending meetings all from within the Hub app.
Next is BlackBerry Flow and Peek, both of which make multitasking easier on mobile devices. Flow is the name given to BlackBerry 10′s ability to move between apps flawlessly without having to close any of them. Peek is just how it sounds – you can peek at an app while staying in another app. The example given during the keynote today was a user watching a YouTube video, and they could take a peek at their email while the video still plays at the side.
The final major feature is called BlackBerry Balance. It holds personal and private business data on the device in separate areas so users can keep their personal and professional lives separated. All the enterprise data is stored on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. That means employees who leave the company can have company data wiped from their phones without impacting any personal data on the device.