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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Lipstick Shaped Flash Drive is Ideal Promotional Item for Cosmetic Industry

Announcing the latest custom shaped flash drives from innovator, designer and wholesaler OceanTop USA Inc, Burbank, California.

New Lipstick Flash Drive
Quote startLipstick shaped flash drive is the latest, in line of innovative designs.Quote end
Burbank California  January 09, 2013
Flash drives have proven to be one of the most popular items for use by companies as promotional giveaways, the new Lipstick shaped flash drive is perfect for so many companies in the beauty industry as it is fun and attractive as well as novel and relevant. Some items lend themselves to be made into flash drives and this one is just perfect. "we are one of the worlds leading experts in making and supplying fully custom flash drives" said Ian Fenn CEO of OceanTop USA Inc
"We are very happy to design flash drives for any industry and over the years we have made for almost every major corporation you can imagine." The Lipstick flash drive can be color matched and printed to go with a customers corporate colors. Custom flash drives have been highly prized promotional items for around ten years now because they items are so popular as personal storage devices. There are very few items that are so universally useful to so many types of customers. OceanTop also designs the inside of the flash drives by design a customer experience dash board often containing a web site in the the drive with a built in TV channel via the customers Youtube account and what is called "push" technology that updates the drive with the customers latest product news. "This combination of custom shape and creative information on the inside is why marketing people love these so much" said Ian. Interested marketing managers can contact OceanTop USA Inc via the companies web site