Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reasons Your PR Campain is Failing

With the economy forcing many businesses to cut costs
wherever possible, a growing number of companies are
stretching their dollar by handling their own PR rather than
hiring a firm. And while you can certainly be successful
with DIY PR, it's almost always challenging.
If you're DIY PR campaign just isn't getting results, it
could be because you're making one or more of these 5 common
1. You're mass mailing your press release regardless of fit
- Writing a press release and blasting it out to a list of
thousands of journalists isn't the best way to go about
getting media coverage for your company. Rather than
throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks,
try sending your press release to a smaller list of highly
targeted publications. You need to know which stories will
work be a good fit in which publications. Targeting your
distribution will help you improve your batting average and
avoid annoying thousands of journalists and editors.
2. You're not planning ahead - A successful PR campaign
requires careful planning. You need to have goals, and you
need to create a specific strategy for achieving those
goals. Playing things by ear will often lead to mistakes and
a lack of direction.
3. You're ignoring the power of new media - Too many
companies think that PR success means an appearance on TV or
in a major newspaper. The truth is that bloggers wield a
great deal of influence and power, so getting positive
coverage on a popular blog can often have a bigger impact
than you might think. Try to start building relationships
with bloggers in your niche. It can go a long way to
building your brand.
4. You aren't thinking like a reporter - Thinking like a
business owner isn't always the best idea for running your
PR campaign. That's what leads to overhyped press releases
and thinly-veiled sales pitches. You need to think like a
reporter. Reporters are looking for stories that interest
their audience, not stories that help you get more sales.
Ditch the gimmicks and hype, and start focusing on adding
news value to your stories.
5. You don't have time for PR - If you're like most small
business owners, you already have too much on your plate as
it is. Adding the responsibility of managing your PR
campaign could just be too much to handle, forcing your to
spread yourself too thin. PR success requires more than
dabbling in it here and there whenever you find extra time.
If you don't have the time for it, let a PR expert do it for
Do you handle your company's PR duties? If so, what
struggles have you experienced?
Mickie Kennedy
CEO, &