Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Next Step in Social Networks and Developing Your Social Capital

'The Hands We Shake' has expanded its global practice, continuing to help teach individuals and companies on how to build social capital through network analysis.

Social Network Map
Network analysis focuses on uncovering patterns of interactions, the exchange of content, and the distribution of relationships.
Washington, DC February 05, 2013
‘The Hands We Shake’ is the only global lecture circuit and advisory firm that is focused on social capital development. ‘The Hands We Shake' allows individuals, organizations, and companies the opportunity to analyze personal and professional networks, as well as, the network of online conversations to build social capital. The lecture circuit and related consulting projects have helped college students, CEO’s, non-profits and start-ups benefit from the cultivation of these network maps.    
Bennett Resnik, a social capital consultant and the creator of ‘The Hands We Shake’ says, “Social capital is sometimes spoken in the same breath as networking. The basic foundation of social capital is that social networks have a certain value.” Resnik helps others understand and benefit from this value.
Initially, ‘The Hands We Shake’ was a college lecture circuit, stemming from the fact that many college students were unaware of the vast possibilities that social network analysis could provide them. Presentations were hosted by University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, American University, Northwestern, and other institutions. The lecture circuit has expanded to corporate workshops, with companies benefiting from Resnik’s counsel.
Resnik says that, “The value to social networking data has both a quantitative significance and a qualitative importance. Individuals, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and others, can leverage social data to learn about their consumers and clients in order to tailor and enhance experiences, relationships, and resources, both online and offline.”
‘The Hands We Shake’ will continue to expand to help spread knowledge of social networks, teaching others how to build, grow, and sustain social capital.
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