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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Latest Digital Marketer Blog Post Shines Light on Social Capital

Bryan Berghoef wrote the latest blog post on, focusing on social engagement in public, non-online places.
Information like this is available for instant daily access on the Digital Marketer blog.
Austin, TX 
The newest blog post on comes from contributor Bryan Berghoef, who investigates a recent Business Insider piece that listed the 25 most innovative businesses in Washington, DC.
“Analyzing the list, I realized that the most common trait among these businesses had to do with food and drink. In fact, 15 of the 25 were either a restaurant or a bar,” wrote Berghoef. “And what happens at restaurants and bars? People socialize. They get together. They connect. They dream. They share ideas.”
The main takeaway from Berghoef’s post includes business interaction beyond a website or point of sale. “The bottom line is this,” the post said, “Whatever your market, product, business, or organizational focus, are you engaging the social scene around you? At the bar, around the table, over a pint? It’s time, because increasingly, that’s where life is happening.”
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