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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Social Media Agency fishbat, Inc. Says “All Your Tweet Are Belong To Us”

After a Forbes interview with Renee Jackson discussing the intellectual property rights of social media profiles, fishbat, the award-winning social media marketing company, offers a response.

Bohemia, NY  March 06, 2013
Social media agency fishbat, Inc. responds to an interview published in Forbes with Renee Jackson, an employment lawyer and widely-published commentator on social media topics. The interview covered the topic of social media property rights, asking, is the data compiled by an employee legally and automatically the company’s property?
According to the Forbes article, “the latest legal issue regarding social media use in the workplace is that of employee versus employer ‘ownership’ of company social media accounts.” In the interview, Renee Jackson comments that this issue “generally arises when an employee is hired specifically to manage a company’s social media presence, expected to promote the company’s brand in social media or comes into employment already having a significant professional or industry social media presence.”
Jackson says that the matter of intellectual property is a problem frequently experienced within the social media industry. “Often times, the former employee leaves his or her employment as the only person who knows the login information for the accounts and the employer is left without the ability to access them.”
According to Jackson, “time and money spent growing a following, promoting a brand, developing an industry niche or expertise, and sharing content is invaluable and cannot be recouped easily.”
Forbes reports that if a line is not drawn as to who owns what, problems can arise. “The line between a personal and professional social media account can be blurry, so if this ownership issue is not hashed out at the beginning of employment, the employer and the employee may both believe the account is theirs. As you can imagine, litigation arises out of this grey area.”
Jackson states that “it is in both the employer’s and the employee’s best interest to consider these issues at the beginning of employment – neither party wants to litigate these disputes.”
“We believe that this ship is owned by its captain,” comments fishbat CEO Clay Darrohn. “If you helped built the boat, that does not mean you get to take the oars. We believe that you come to work to provide your best effort. The social media work done under our roof is not meaningless, it's powerful brand promotion and irreplaceable content. Taking the hard work that is put into a project for your own is just poor business ethics. Those tweets belong to us.”
fishbat, Inc. is a full service social media agency. Through social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and public relations, fishbat strives as a marketing firm to raise awareness about your brand and strengthen your corporate image.