Monday, April 22, 2013

Facebook on Yahoo offers New Possibilities

Yahoo is going through an overhaul and will now have new social media features and Think Big Online believes it will benefit the end user.

Sydney, Australia  April 21, 2013
Yahoo is going through an overhaul and will now have new social media features and Think Big Online believes it will benefit the end user. There will now be newsfeed features for Yahoo. Companies will be able to use these new social media features to market products. The changes have not been implemented yet, but we should see them sometime in 2013. It will be interesting to see how these changes affect Yahoo.
CEO Marissa Mayer of Yahoo posted on Wednesday that in the future users will be able to log into Yahoo using their Facebook IDS. They will be able to share videos and articles with friends and family. Yahoo has many visitors, but the numbers have gone down over the past few years. The new Yahoo features will likely provide more sources for advertising.
In the next few days, these change will be made and there will also be a new mobile application. These changes follow ones that were made to Yahoo Mail which came out in December.
At this point, it cannot determine how much of an affect this relationship will have for Yahoo. However, it may be able to open up new revenue streams if the number of Yahoo viewers increases. These changes could propel Yahoo upward when it comes to viewers and clicks. If these changes can increase the amount of people using Yahoo, then increased revenue will follow.
It will be interesting to see how the integration of Yahoo with Facebook can be used to improve social media marketing. Companies can now use this relationship to market brands and services, which may benefit Yahoo in the end. Users will see how data is shared between Facebook and Yahoo and the advantages it offers to companies marketing their brands.
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