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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Social Network Takes on Industry Giants is a new social network that gives users a new social communication experience with complete control over their privacy and content. Slated to beta launch in early 2014, is currently crowdfunding on indiegogo to cover the costs of completing development.

Users of have complete control of their privacy and content in the system.
Vienna, Austria  April 30, 2013 is a free social network that operates without data mining. Users of the service have complete control of their privacy and content in the system. There is no censorship above the law and no user tracking. The goal of stack is to provide a quality social connectivity and communications service without limiting the creative potential of users or monetizing the data they create.
Growing concern around online privacy and data protection is causing many users of social media to rethink what they share on existing networks. Loss of control is a common issue for individuals and brands that use social media. Changes to Terms of Service and privacy policies are often to the disadvantage of the end user. By not data mining or tracking users, stack creates an environment where users know that their private communication is only seen by the intended parties.
stack pays for itself by offering follower-based advertising placement to brands that want to earn the trust of loyal consumers. Instead of relying on expensive and invasive algorithms to decide where advertising is placed, users of stack follow the brands, products and services that actually interest them and are rewarded with relevant offers. This monetization model reduces the amount of advertising a user sees by up to 90%, increases its relevance and eliminates the need to invade the user’s personal communication in order to place effective advertising. To aid in acquiring followers, the Brand Central discovery platform in stack gives brands a place to present themselves with a highly customizable page.
stack is currently crowdfunding on indiegogo, and is under development with a beta slated for early 2014.
Company Information:
stack is a newly formed communication technology company based in Vienna, Austria. Its founders are Benjamin Posch and Johannes Beranek.
Media Contact:
Benjamin Posch
+43 676 605 3991