Monday, May 27, 2013

The Best Place to Learn a Language Is Not In Front of Your Computer

Language Audiobooks announces no-cost computer-free all-audio lessons this summer.

Download a program today and experience total freedom of movement while learning to speak a new language of your choice!
Mark Frobose - President
Champaign, IL  May 27, 2013
To kick off this summer season, Mark Frobose of LanguageAudiobooks.comannounces the creation of a new website where anyone can instantly download language programs in any language.
The website is designed to provide visitors with a clear alternative to Rosetta Stone-type computer based language programs.
"Don't ever believe that a computer is the best place to learn a language," warns the bestselling language author "Bite-Sized Spanish" Mark Frobose.
Contrary to the marketing hype you hear about how great computerized language programs are, they all come with one serious drawback.
The learner has to be in front of a computer in order to use them.
This means people can't learn languages while driving, shopping, working out ,cooking, jogging, or waiting for doctors or picking up their kids from soccer practice.
Your computer is the worst place to learn a language simply because it shackles the learner to one location, limits movement, and actually prevents people from learning languages while on the go and during life's many waiting periods.
All of those traffic jams, red lights and delays are really all golden opportunities to practice becoming fluent in another language.
So what's the best way to speak any language?
"An all-audio language program like those we offer at work better for most people simply because they offer freedom of movement and easy access to language instruction wherever they may go," explains Frobose.
Mark Frobose, who actually created the entire foreign language audio line for Macmillan Audio of New York, explains why.
"Language Audiobooks programs are versatile," he says. "They're made to be used anywhere, anytime, with nothing to look up, with an English speaking instructor and native speaking language assistants who can teach anyone how to really speak their language," adds Mark.
And the lessons are so short, fun and and so easy that even a five minute lesson helps achieve the goal of fluency in another language. What could be better?
Well, how about the best guarantee in the industry?
"Download a program today and experience total freedom of movement while learning to speak a new language of your choice," concludes Mark Frobose.
"Language Audiobooks programs are the fastest and easiest way to learn a language and we offer the best replacement satisfaction guarantee in the industry," he concludes.