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Monday, June 24, 2013

Internet Marketing Company fishbat Analyzes the Advantages of Corporate Websites

company websites and what this trend means for social media.

Bohemia, NY  June 24, 2013
On June 24, Internet marketing companyfishbat responds to an article published on Wired, which analyzes the recent revival of personalized company websites and what it means for social media’s future.
According to an article published on Wired,company websites are making a comeback. In addition to Facebook pages and Twitter handles, companies are once again beginning to utilize personalized business websites that were popular in the past.
However, companies are now focused on different characteristics when building a website compared to the past. The article states that companies now want to captivate potential customers by “talking about those potential customers, rather than about the product.” It’s the extra “personalized” interaction that a corporate website offers over social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at Internet marketing company fishbat says corporate websites are the backbone of a brand’s online presence. “While Facebook and Twitter usually brings more awareness to a brand, a company website can attract a very large number of consumers,” he says. “The consumers that choose to visit the site tend to be the ones that care more about the product, so interacting with them is crucial to a business’s online success.”
The article says the new website technique is called “marketing with a mirror.” For instance, the company “holds the mirror up to the audience and they respond to it,” thus achieving a new level of interaction not seen on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers enjoy the engagement and feeling of participation they get from seeing their content on corporate websites.
The recent success of these corporate sites has interested advertisers as well. It’s given them a chance to advertise directly on a company’s website instead of on Facebook or Twitter ads, which may be hit or miss. Maas says, “While Facebook and Twitter advertising is effective, placing your ad directly on the homepage of a major business increase traffic, especially if the ad is directly related to the company’s product. This is mostly because the targeted audience is coming directly to you.”
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