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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Often Small Businesses' Sales Teams Make Big Mistakes, and Here Shweiki Media Presents a Must-Watch Webinar on the Five Worst Sales Habits and How to Correct Them Now

Many sales teams are making big mistakes (think leaving poor voicemails, not making enough calls, writing poorly written emails and more), resulting in sales stagnation, without even realizing it. Here Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media to present a webinar laying out the five biggest mistakes that small businesses' sales teams often make and providing strategies to strengthen these weaknesses and help reps improve and thrive in the world of ad sales.

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REVENUE 911! This webinar explains five mistakes sales teams make and how to fix them now
It's undeniable that a business should always be moving forward. Often there's a problem of sales stagnation, and most small businesses' biggest problems lie in not fully recognizing their weaknesses.
Austin, TX  June 12, 2013
It’s undeniable that a business should always be moving forward. If one is doing well, they should use their market advantage to leverage their next step forward, while when one is finds their business grinding through a rough patch, they need to learn from their mistakes and implement adjustments to fail forward. Often there’s a problem of salesstagnation, and most small businesses' biggest problems lie in not fully recognizing their weaknesses.
Here Shweiki Media teams up with Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media and 360 Ad Sales Training to present a webinar explaining five mistakes that sales teams make and how they can remedy them and take back control of sales success.
Mistake #1: Selling Issue by Issue
The main goal of any publishing company should be to strike a long-term relationship with clients, yet often sales teams lose themselves when they strictly sell issue to issue. Content is king, but it’s not necessarily why customers buy. Advertisers often buy space in publications because of the potential audience. Qualifying/un-qualifying leads based on a certain issue is not only short-sided, but it misses the point of why the advertiser is interested in the first place.
MISTAKE #2: Leaving Really Bad Voicemails
The second thing that unsuccessful sales reps do poorly is leave unplanned voicemails. It can be estimated that the average advertiser listens to voicemails in 1.5 sec increments. Much like first impressions, a bad voicemail almost always results in an unsuccessful sell. One recommended technique is creating a voicemail template and practicing it until the rep is as comfortable and confident leaving it as they are making a regular sales pitch.
Mistake #3: Writing Really Bad Emails
Sales reps can mess up emails as easily as they can voicemail messages. The main mistake inexperienced reps make is overloading the reader with information. It’s important to remember, as a rep, that advertisers are busy as well.
Tips for successful emailing
  •     Remember that advertisers read in 10-word increments
  •     Use templates for success
  •     Practice, practice, practice
  •     Review and revise
Mistake #4: Having No Sales Process
Another often-made mistake is working without a sales process. When one implements a proven sales process throughout their day, they walk into work knowing exactly what they have to do to achieve results each day. Another key aspect in creating a sales process is that creating a constant schedule is the only way one can truly measure efficiency. Sales reps working without a process are wasting effort by not charting their daily moves.
Mistake #5: Having a Low Call Volume
Finally, it’s crucial to keep detailed statistics for calling volume. Sales is undoubtedly a numbers game. Without records of how many calls one needs to make a sell and how many calls one can achieve per day, one is just spending their day flowing through the workplace (which is very similar to not having a sales process).
Call volume tips:
  •     Know the GTM ratio
  •     Know the GTP ratio
  •     Know the GTC ratio
  •     Make more calls, as most reps don’t make enough
  •     Track it; ask about it
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