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Monday, June 17, 2013

Social Media Agency, fishbat, Analyzes the Influence of Mascots on Social Networking Sites

In response to an article published on USA Today, social media agency fishbat discusses the effectiveness of using mascots to create social media buzz around a brand.

Bohemia, NY  June 17, 2013
On June 17, social media agency fishbat analyzes the effectiveness of using a mascot to promote a brand on social networking sites, as reported in a USA Today article.
According to the article published on USA Today, a recent study showed that mascots have surpassed celebrity endorsers when it comes to creating social media buzz around a brand. The study discovered that brand mascots such as the Pillsbury Doughboy and Progressive’s “Flo” have positively influenced its brand on social media sites more than celebrities like LeBron James and Rihanna for Nike and Cover Girl.
The study’s results were so surprising that Synthesio, the company that facilitated the research, decided to create its own mascot to help with brand awareness.
Justin Maas, VP of client relations at fishbat says creating a brand is a large part of a company’s image. Internet marketing companies and businesses design everything from logos to mascots in order to promote whatever the product or service might be. “Branding is crucial for the success of a business,” he says. “It attaches a face to a name and aids in expanding business. Mascots are a great way to advertise a brand because they are more relatable than just a name or a logo, especially when targeting a younger audience. Mascots also look more approachable than celebrities or famous athletes.”
Maas says getting traffic to clients’ sites is always the main goal. “A great way to increase this traffic is to respond to those to engage with the clients on their site,” he says “A mascot provides an approachable, engaging, way to interact with customers and associate the brand with a face, a character, something that people are going to think of when they think of the client.”
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