Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Best Windows 8 Modern/Metro Apps

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Tip of the Day: If you use Windows 8, be sure to also check out our list of the best Windows desktop apps -- they'll all run on Windows 8, too. However, desktop apps don't run on Windows RT, used by devices like the Microsoft Surface RT.

Introducing Our Best Windows 8 Modern/Metro Apps Page!

Windows 8. The latest operating system from Microsoft. So many people use and love Windows, yet the adoption rate for Windows 8 is surprisingly low. We’re here to fix that. We’ve published our fair share of Windows 8 how-to articles explaining the use of gestures,tips to get settled in faster, and even showed you how Windows 8 looks from a Linux user’s perspective.
Today, we’ll do you one better. We’re announcing our brand new Best Windows 8 Apps page! The best way to really get into Windows 8 is to be exposed to the awesome Modern apps built specifically for Windows 8. So we’ve taken your recommendations into consideration, did our research, then more research, and finally churned out this spectacular page of the most useful Windows 8 apps we could find.
windows 8 metro apps
Head over to our Best Windows 8 Apps page and browse over 80 hand-picked Modern/Metro apps for just about every purpose, from social networking to image editing; games to productivity.
We’re guessing there must be a few frustrated Windows 8 users out there, and if you’re one of them, be sure to bookmark our Best Windows 8 Apps page — we’ll update it frequently. And please spread the word by sharing the page with your friends — just use the social networking buttons on that page, it couldn’t be simpler.