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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here are 5 reasons why you should adopt the Open Graph

Over the last few days, I have been telling you guys
about the Facebook Open Graph...and the power that
lies in the untapped marketing strategy...
Only the larger web companies like Pinterest,
iHeartRadio, Trip Advisor, etc...are using it.
Here are 5 reasons why they are adopting the Open Graph,
Reason #1: Connection FB Updates Show Up Everywhere
Unlike normal Facebook sharing, your Open Graph
shares are guaranteed to show up in the persons 
Wall, Newfeed and Ticker, maximizing the ability
that their connections will see the update.

Reason #2: Reduce your Facebook Ad Costs
Seriously, why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars
on Facebook Ads when you can get a BETTER impact
using the FB Open Graph?
Unlike Ads, the Open Graph allows you to get your 
marketing message in from of Friend Connections, making
them 50% more likely to PAY ATTENTION to their status
update...while promoting your marketing message at the
same time.
Reason #3: Its All Referral Based
As we know you are more likely to take action on 
something that one of your friends, family or connections
are doing.
Which is why the open graph stories/sharing make the
reader genuinely interested and more OPEN to seeing
what the app or marketing message is all about.
Reason #4: Its Untapped for Marketers
There is so much opportunity as marketers are JUST 
starting to learn and understand what the Open Graph
can do for their business.
The problem is everyday marketers, small business 
owners and entreprenuers may not have the technical
nohow to get their Open Graph app approved.
Reason #5:  The Message is Customized
With the open graph you can customize your Action
(ie: Attended, Downloaded, Watched, Listening) and
the Object (ie: Webinar, Giveaway, Hangout, Product 
This makes each update customized, tailored to whatever
action you want your user to take and spread to their FB
With EngageRocket you can even customize the Image,
Title and Description that they share to their FB Connections.
Bottom Line:
If you are NOT using the Facebook Open Graph, and I'm
sure that 95% of you are NEED to be.
To Your Online Success,