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Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Marketing Firm fishbat Discusses Using Instagram as a Marketing Platform

Online marketing firm fishbat responds to an article released by Forbes, which discusses how some companies are using Instagram for marketing purposes.

Bohemia, NY  July 01, 2013
On July 1, 2013, online marketing firm fishbat responds to an article published by Forbes, which details how some companies are already starting to use Instagram video for marketing purposes.
Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at online marketing firm fishbat, says Instagram is an extremely popular media platform that has been overlooked by many marketers. “Instagram now has over 100 million users and is finally starting to be recognized by many companies as a fun, reliable way to advertise and promote customer engagement. With the introduction of video, Facebook and Instagram stepped up their advertising game.”
According to the June 22nd article titled “Here’s One Brand That’s Already Running Instagram Video Ads on Facebook and Twitter,” Red Vines candy maker, American Licorice Co., shared creative Instagram video ads only 24 hours after the feature launched. The article says that Michael Kelly, the company’s nearly 100-year-old communications manager, “quickly worked up a 15-second series of clips showing how Red Vines ‘makes the day sweet no matter where it takes you.’”
Interaction on social media is key. “Companies need to think of new and creative ways to market themselves like Instagram video,” Maas says. “Engagement from consumers on social media platforms creates a relationship. This relationship is important in establishing further business with the fan base. American Licorice Co. had an amazing Instagram video that yielded them some positive results.”
For companies with highly visual content, Instagram is a great platform to market on. “We encourage some our clients to use Instagram to not only connect with audiences on another platform, but to expand visibility,” he says. “Social media marketing is expanding at an exponential rate. It is important to market through all social media outlets. This will increase the chances of your company being noticed, and it will also attract more business.”
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