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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seven Elements of a Quality Management Plan

Seven Elements of a Quality Management Plan
The Quality Management Plan describes how you will ensure that the client’s quality requirements are achieved. It is the place to describe the processes and activities that will be put into place to ensure that quality deliverables are produced. The Quality Management Plan also helps you understand when deliverables are complete as well as correct. 
The actual quality requirements are not known at the time the Quality Management Plan is created, but you should describe the processes and techniques that you will use to uncover the quality requirements and verify that the requirements are met. The information in the Quality Management Plan includes:
  • Roles and responsibilities. Describe the different quality related roles on the project. The project manager has overall responsibility, but you may have other roles that are assisting. These could include quality auditors, third-party testing specialists, inspectors, etc.
  • Completeness and correctness criteria. The purpose of the completeness and correctness criteria is to work with the customer up front to define what it means for a deliverable to be considered complete and correct. Then, when you meet those terms, you would expect that the customer would be satisfied. In other words, there should be no surprises.
  • Quality requirements process. Describe the process you will use to uncover and validate the customer’s expectations for quality. This is generally going to be a part of the requirements gathering process.
  • Quality assurance activities. Quality assurance activities focus on the processes being used to build the solution, and can be validated by a functional manager, business sponsor, or a third-party reviewer. You should describe the major quality assurance activities and techniques that will be used on this project.
  • Quality control activities. Quality control activities are performed continually throughout a project to verify that project deliverables are of high quality. You should describe the major quality control activities and techniques that will be used on this project.
  • Quality standards. List any quality standards that the company or organization has previously defined that this project will follow.
  • Quality tools. List any quality-related tools that this project will utilize.
The Quality Management Plan is where you think ahead of time about how you will understand the customers expectation for quality, and how you will deliver to that expectation. Once the project starts this Plan provides guidance on how you will manage quality throughout the project.

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