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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Social Media Agency fishbat Discovers Future Possibilities for the Latest Music App from Nokia and Microsoft

In response to an article published on Mashable, social media agency fishbat discusses the new opportunities arising from Nokia and Microsoft’s Mix Party app through a digital marketing lens.

On July 9, social media agency fishbat responds to an article published on Mashable, which explains the latest app from Nokia and Microsoft that allows party goers to assume control of music playlists through a voting system on their phones.

According to the July 2nd article on Mashable titled “Internet Explorer and Nokia Make Your Party Playlists Interactive,” Nokia and Microsoft are teaming up to create the next big “party app.” Mix Party is the creation of the two media giants and allows party hosts to set up a voting system for music through an Xbox 360 videogame console.

The way the app works is simple, the article says. First, the host opens up Mix Party on their Xbox and begins to play music. In the corner of the screen, there is a small QR code that party guests can scan with their iPhones or Androids. After scanning, they will be taken to another app, which allows them to place their vote for the next song played at the party.

Justin Maas, vice president of client relations at social media agency fishbat says the app is a new step for interactive technology. “The impressive thing about this certain app is the level of interaction it provides,” he says. “It connects the host and guests directly and sets up a poll to rank the songs based on popularity. I believe this app will open up many possibilities when it comes to other voting uses. Perhaps a future version of this app will include a voting service that allows users to rank record labels or similar companies providing marketing for those businesses.”

According to the article, the reason for the creation of the app is simple. It’s a way to better organize music at a party and allow everyone a chance to play their favorite songs.

The article says the entire system of Mix Party works off of “Nokia Music,” a service that allows users to “download up to four one-hour music mixes,” or upgrade to the unlimited plan costing $3.99 a month after the free period ends at the end of July. The unlimited plan gives users access to Nokia’s full music library allowing guests to listen to practically any song.

“The possibility of monetizing this app is an interesting concept,” he says. “It allows advertisers to get in on the deal, maybe adding commercials in between songs on the free version, and maybe even on the non-unlimited version of the app. I feel that many social media agencies would get on board advertising clients through this app since it provides a simple, effective way to get a brand’s name out there.”
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