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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

REPORT DOWNLOAD: Transforming the Marketing Process with Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

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Transforming the Marketing Process with Marketing Resource Management

Even though marketing organizations worldwide spend trillions of
dollars on communications and campaigns, most marketers still manage
projects using a disjointed combination of spreadsheets, emails,
content management systems, and notes written on napkins. And yet,
marketing has more responsibility than ever before-like managing every
aspect of the customer experience-and fewer resources to make it happen

Download this report to learn about the challenges and opportunities
facing marketers today, and discover how marketing resource management
(MRM) can help you optimize every process, streamline every project,
and get the most out of every resource in order to drive results.

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You will learn:
* Why 79 percent of CMOs expect a high level of marketing complexity
over the next five years, but only 48 percent feel ready to deal
with it
* How to create a collaborative workflow so marketers can manage every
activity and share jobs and data with colleagues and partners
* Why MRM adopters have made significant improvements in speed,
visibility, capacity, strategic alignment, compliance, and most of
all, measurable ROI
* How marketers can do more with less--streamlining processes in order
to take advantage of the increasing number of interactive channels

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