Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Customer Feedback Platform, Feedback Revolution QR, Has Selected Pageviews to Provide SEO and Internet Marketing

Feedback Revolution QR uses advanced customer feedback technology to give clients a leg up when it comes to collecting and analyzing customer feedback. They have selected PageViews to cut through the internet clutter and get found by businesses looking to have more than comment cards and customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer feedback with real time alerts.

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Quote startBusinesses need real time customer feedback if they want to survive in this economy!Quote end

Boise, Idaho February 21, 2012

“Businesses need real time customer feedback if they want to survive and grow. From dentists that want more referrals to restaurants that want customers to come in more often it’s all about knowing what your customers want,” said Martin Baird, Chief Feedback Officer. South Office LLC created Feedback Revolution QR to give businesses the platform they need to generate real time customer feedback.

Baird said, “Feedback Revolution QR is a very powerful tool that is simple to use. The challenge is to get businesses to find out about it.” He also added, “We knew that we needed to find an SEO partner that can make us stand out in the internet clutter.”

“When we first saw the customer satisfaction survey tool they created we were shocked by how simple and powerful it was,” said Terry Mickelson, Chief Digital Officer for Pageviews. He continued, “We’ve all seen traditionalcomment cards. Even the receipts that say “call and tell us how we did”. Feedback Revolution QR really does revolutionize customer feedback. ”

"The customer feedback and customer satisfaction survey space is crowded on the internet. It’s not going to be easy getting them on the first page of search engines, but if it was easy anyone could do it,” commented Mickelson.

Feedback Revolution QR, was created to provide a free real time customer feedback service to help businesses add value to the customer’s experience and improve business practices. Baird said, “Our customer feedback platform is great. It’s easy to use and is very valuable to the businesses that use it. Our challenge is getting the word out to business owners. Once they try it they love it.”

Because the service is quick and easy, customers are more likely to participate and provide valuable customer feedback. They scan a custom QR code with their smartphone. The customer types or uses speech to text to share their comments on the phone and then transmits their feedback by touching a “submit” button.

It takes less than 60 seconds to provide customer feedback. Customers can also participate on their computer or any other device that has an Internet connection, using a URL for the customer survey. Their responses are anonymous, so they can be honest about their customer feedback without guilt.

“After looking at our SEO choices we knew it had to be Pageviews. We look forward to them adding our free customer feedback platform to their first place rankings,” explains Baird.

About Feedback Revolution QR

Feedback Revolution QR is a FREE service and uses advanced customer feedback technology to give businesses a leg up when it comes to collecting and analyzing customer feedback. By making it fast and easy customers share their feedback directly with the business. This customer relationship management tool helps our clients grow in these tough economic times.

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