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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Small Business Social Marketing Product My Social Mashup Launched by Social MarCom

Social MarCom has launched My Social Mashup, an economical, do-it-yourself small business social marketing tool.

My Social Mashup by Social MarCom is an effective small business social marketing tool

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Quote startFor small businesses looking for social marketing that is both extremely effective and affordable, My Social Mashup provides an excellent solutionQuote end

February 21, 2012

My Social Mashup loves small business, which is why their official product launch was on Valentine’s Day 2012. This small business social marketing product was designed by a consortium of business owners, and developed as a do-it-yourself social media marketing, publishing, and website platform.

“My Social Mashup allows you to post to all of your social networks and your website in a click,” says Jason Brausewetter, Founder of Social MarCom. “For small businesses looking for social marketing that is both extremely effective and affordable, My Social Mashup provides an excellent solution.”

My Social Mashup allows small business managers to effortlessly create and maintain a visually engaging business website, as well as centralize all of the social media networks in one intuitive platform. This small business social marketing tool allows for easy text, video, image, and presentation content publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flckr, Tumblr and a half dozen other social sites. Users will have the ability to create a custom social-ready website which can build pages displaying any topic related to their business; example pages include press/news, products and services, menu, hours of operation, a photo, video and presentation gallery. My Social Mashup also includes easy-to-set-up ‘Follow Us’ social media icons, a custom URL, hosting, and is loaded with How-to Videos.

“These days everyone has heard about the power of social media for business, however, trying to figure it out is overwhelming, and outsourcing is very expensive,” says Brausewetter. “The truth is, in order to properly represent your company; you need to create the content yourself. After all, no one knows your business and your customers better than you. Our goal is to empower our clients to quickly get up and running and generate new business from their online presence.”

My Social Mashup currently integrates with the following networks:

  • Social networking accounts: Facebook, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare
  • Blogs:, Tumblr and Blogger
  • Media sharing: Video: YouTube, Pictures: Flickr, and Presentations: Slideshare

My Social Mashup also appreciates the agency role in social marketing. Given that, My Social Mashup offers packages for agencies to manage multiple clients through the My Social Mashup application, allowing them to offer a value-added service to their clientele.

My Social Mashup plans to continue to develop the platform, evaluating and adding new social networks, and implement additional tools for small business social marketing, which will include detailed analytics and education on how to leverage existing content.

For more information visit:
For a video explanation of My Social Mashup, please visit:

My Social Mashup is a product of Social MarCom.

About Social MarCom
Social MarCom is a social marketing and communication company that provides social media marketing information in laymen’s terms, information to help the user build and strengthen their social brand. Social MarCom’s philosophy is, “don’t make the audience find you and dictate how they are kept in the loop, but ensure your message is finding your clients and potential clients regardless of their social media platform preference.”

Press Contact
Jason Brausewetter
Founder, Social MarCom
+1-864-9MarCom (962-7266)

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