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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Social Media Metrics Secrets

Social Media Metrics Secrets

Activating Your Socially Connected Business

Download this 40-page eBook, chapter 3 “Activating Your Socially Connected Business” from John Lovett’s new and groundbreaking book, Social Media Metrics Secrets. Tap into his years of training and experience to discover tips, tricks and advice on how to analyze and measure the effects of social media and gauge the success of every initiative.

Get real-world case studies that demonstrate how to manage social operations with process and technologies by applying key performance indicators, and get a step-by-step guide for assessing the true business value of social media.

Download this book to learn:

  • How social media impacts every aspect of your business and transforms the way you quantify successful customer interactions
  • Innovative techniques for managing the massive volume of social analytics data by focusing on your organizational goals
  • How to adopt a Social Analytics Framework for understanding evolving consumer behavior
  • Specific Business Value Metrics that will allow you to grow your measurement programs beyond counting clicks, fans and followers

Download now >

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